Early spring in the Bad Radkersburg region

Move briskly and feel the early spring!

In the Bad Radkersburg cycling region, the warmer season beckons earlier than elsewhere thanks to the mild climate. Get out into nature – mount your bicycle, put on your running shoes or tee off for the season’s first golf game! In Austria’s sunniest cycling region in the south of the Styrian thermal spring region, you can get fit for spring with a zest for movement starting in mid-April!

Bicycle tours for any fitness level invite you to explore the country and get to know the people, taking you through floodplain landscapes or over gentle vineyard hills. The wine and floodplain landscape is also inviting for extensive picnic hikes. 

The Mur river floodplains around Bad Radkersburg, Halbenrain and Mureck are part of Austria’s second largest floodplain region and a Natura 2000 conservation area.

Event highlights in the spring include the traditional Anradeln bicycle season opening, the start of the hiking season, the Drei Herzen marathon and the Tour de Mur with the town festival. As you can see, the Bad Radkersburg region always has plenty to offer!

Spring is a wonderful time for hikes through the awakening nature, the floodplain landscape and over gentle vineyard hills. In March the hiking season starts on the Traminerweg trail in Klöch and TAU-Weg der Riede trail in Tieschen – heralding spring in the vineyards. 

The oldest and most Mediterranean thermal spring town has far more to offer than romantic alleys. Harbingers of the young spring are seen here and there even now. The first cafés, inns and sidewalk cafés open, and one senses the magic of the southern atmosphere in the historic town.

Culinary highlights

There is cultural entertainment with culinary delights aplenty. In spring, wild garlic plays the leading role – everything revolves around it. The Gewürztraminer typical for the region is commonly served with wild garlic delicacies. This is the time to think of your personal fitness and get active.

Replenishing your energy after the winter months takes more than just tasty treats. A relaxing, pampering programme awaits all holiday-makers at the Bad Radkersburg Parktherme spa: the special, mineralised thermal water is proven to help alleviate stress at a languorously warm 36 degrees. Hot sauna sessions boost your circulation while gentle massages provide loving care for the body and soul.

more information to the Parktherme

Everything comes back to life in the spring and this is reflected by the region’s numerous events.

The Bad Radkersburg region leaves no wish unfulfilled. Families are also welcome. Explore nature on your bicycle. Exciting bike tours invite you to explore the land and get to know the people. Or would you prefer a treasure hunt in the Bad Radkersburg old town? Pick up a family magazine from the visitor information centre and learn more about Bad Radkersburg’s history.

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