An idyllic wine-growing region and a special place for families

Located off the main roads, the market town of Tieschen is surrounded by vineyards. The Styrian thermal springs and volcanic region is a special place for families in the south.

The first record of Tieschen is found in the tithe book of the Seckau diocese in the year 1406. At the time it had 17 houses. Only 10 houses existed in 1445. From the end of the 15th century until the liberation of peasants in 1848, the Pfarrgült Fehring was the landlord in "Türschen". Only a few vineyards were under Halbenrain rule. In regards to jurisdiction, the community belong to the Straden District Court until 1461 and subsequently to the court in Klöch.

The Königsberg, Tieschen’s local mountain with a height of 462 metres, was settled and fortified back in the 4th millennium before Christ by the Lasinja culture, a period of cultural history significance in the Neolithic Age. According to a different legend, the devil wanted to build the town (the community of Tieschen) on the Königsberg. He brought mighty blocks of stone from the Stradnerkogel on a giant hay wagon for this purpose. But the wagon tipped over shortly before reaching its destination and the stones rolled down the hill, whereupon he gave up construction. That is why the rock fragments lying on the north side are called "devil stones" in the vernacular.

Slavs settled in Tieschen around the year 600. Many names of places, fields and bodies of water have been handed down from this period. The place name Tieschen comes from the Slavic tiho = quiet; tihina becomes the vernacular tisina = a quiet, calm place.

TAU wine

12 winegrowers from Tieschen decided to press a St. Francis wine. The wine was named after the Tau cross, the symbol of St. Francis. 2007 was the first vintage, a powerful and full-bodied, long-lived wine. Tau wines are site wines, produced using classic fermentation, and pressed from the Pinot Blanc, Chardonnay and/or Pinot Gris varieties. The wines grow in Tieschen, in the 4 major vineyard locations of Aunberg, Patzenberg, Pum and Königsberg.

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Hiking tour

Tieschen is ideal for a wide variety of nature adventures from the "TAU-Weg" trail and "Sonnengesangsweg" trail to the "Basaltspalte". For sports enthusiasts, oenophiles, nature lovers and anyone who just wants to enjoy some time off. There is a special viewing platform along the 16-kilometre TAU-Weg trail on the Königsberg. You look through the "Flaschengucker" viewer and enjoy the view over Tieschen to Slovenia and Croatia, accompanied by the sounds of the wind harp. The TAU-Weg der Riede leads through the 4 locations and to all 12 TAU winegrowers (11 male and one female). Every year in March the TAU winegrowers with guests kick off a new hiking season.

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Culture & Culinary

Every year the vineyards hold the "Weinblüten-Fest" (Wine Blossom Festival) on the Aunberg – where a magnificent view, regional dishes and outstanding wines await you. Numerous wine festivals and wine tastings are held during the year.

Visit the TAU winegrowers along the TAU-Weg trail to enjoy culinary delights.

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