Mineral and Thermal Spring

Thermal and spa water springs in Bad Radkersburg

The composition of the water from the thermal spring loosens tense muscles, prevents back and joint pain, and effectively promotes the mobility of muscles, tendons, ligaments and spinal discs in addition to stimulating circulation and the metabolism.

The water from the town’s mineral water spring with its high magnesium content with a low concentration of sodium is used in the Bad Radkersburg Parktherme spa, for example in drinking cures. This mineral water is available from retailers under the “Long Life” brand.

The hottest spring in the Styrian thermal spring region

Reaching the surface from a depth of 1,930 metres, the hot thermal water at nearly 80°C is rich in minerals. In the thermal spring pool of the Parktherme spa, the water is “cooled” to 36°C for bathing and relaxation.

The thermal spring was discovered in January of 1978 at a depth of about two kilometres after years of drilling. Today it has been established that the thermal spring in Bad Radkersburg is one of the hottest and most mineral rich springs in the Styrian thermal spring region.

Mineral water as a curative treatment

The town’s mineral water spring was discovered in 1927 while drilling for crude oil. Water suddenly gushed from a depth of 205 metres. Only in the mid-50s did it become clear to the residents that this water comes from a highly mineralised spring with an unusual composition and healing power.

That is when today’s Parktherme spa – formerly the “Kurmittelhaus” – was erected. Since then drinking cures with the mineralised water have been offered against urological illnesses. That was also Radkersburg’s foundation for its development to become a health resort.

Magnesium – a mineral that is a building block of life

Magnesium is a mineral and one of the electrolytes in the human body that are essential for life. Thus it is justly referred to as a building block of life since over 300 metabolic processes are controlled by magnesium. One can quite simply say that “our life is not possible without magnesium”. Mineral water in the retail trade

The mineral water from the Bad Radkersburg town spring is bottled by the company Starzinger and is available from retailers under the “Long Life” brand.

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