• Weinland rund um Klöch und Tieschen
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Welcome to the Wine Country of Southern Styria

Map of Bad Radkersburg

If you know a little bit about wine, then you are in the right place. If you don’t know anything about wine, then you are in the right place to become acquainted with it. And becoming acquainted with our wine is something special, because the southern wine country of Styria is as unique as its wine!

The mild Mediterranean climate and the volcanic soil create the perfect conditions for high-quality grape harvesting year after year. Trained hands use a combination of vintner tradition and modern technology to make the most esteemed wines that know no country borders.

Bad Radkersburg has been an important trade city since antiquity and is the oldest wine city of the region. Located along the Mura river, the vintners and farmers used their wagons and river rafts to sell their wines and agricultural products in other regions. Today, Bad Radkersburg is the ideal starting point for a wine tour of a special kind.

vineyard Bad Radkersburg
grape-vine Bad Radkersburg


It is its rose like aroma which makes the Klöcher Traminer so unique. It is no coincidence that the Red Rose is the chosen symbol for this well-known wine.

TAU wine

Quality wines are also to be found in the wine presses of the twelve TAU winegrowers of Tieschen. TAU is more than just a name it stands for the classically developed Burgunger cuvee, whose formation is made up of highly-ripened grape types such as Weißburgunder, Graubunder and Chardonnay. Bad Radkersburg has since ancient times been an important commercial town and the oldest wine town of the region. Located conveniently close to the river Mur, the wine growers and farmers used the Mur rafts as a possibility to sell their wines and agricultural products not just in their own regions but in other regions as well. Today Bad Radkersburg offers the ideal starting point for a wine journey of the most unique kind along the Klöcher wine route.

For those who cannot wait to enjoy the regional wines, it is well worth paying a trip to the local Buschenschänken (restaurants that serve cold food grown in that region), where for wine lovers who wish to partake in a culinary bite or two there are of course the appropriate liquid refreshment needed to accompany their chosen meal.

In the region of Bad Radkersburg the viticulture has a long tradition. The first acknowledge mention of this highly cherished wine culture dates back to the beginning of 1448. In many places the old wine presses and cellars can still be admired. Thus exciting contrasts come in to beginning when comparing them to the contemporary cellar architecture such as the innovative wine stage from winegrower Frühwirth.

Wine festivals:

  • Klöcher wine tasting and TAU presentation – to April, May
  • Ga WEIN't, Press Celebration, Cellar Celebration, Vineyard Celebration – at the end of August, September and October