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Thermal spa & town spring

mineral water spring for cures

In 1927, attempts were made to improve the diffi cult economic situation in the town by drilling for oil. However instead of this "black gold", the thing to burst from the ground was "just" water. It was only decades later that the people of Bad Radkersburg realised that they were in possession of such a mineral-rich spring with an exceptional composition and healing qualities – Austria’s most magnesium-rich spring.

The therapy centre was built soon after (today the Parktherme spa centre) and the introduction of drinking cures to treat urological conditions laid the foundations for Radkersburg’s development into a spa centre. Today the mineral water brand is renowned across Austria and sold under the "Long Life" brand.

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The beneficial effects of magnesium

Natural magnesium from the town spa has a relaxing and invigorating effect. It reduces stress and boosts performance in the workplace, at school and in sport. The magnesium-rich water is used in drinking cures and carbonic-acid baths at the Parktherme spa centre.

Water inspires life

The magnesium-rich springs are responsible for Bad Radkersburg developing into such a popular health and thermal spa resort.

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magnesium-rich water is used in drinking cures and carbonic-acis baths at the Parktherme spa centre

Bad Radkersburg thermal spa

At the end of the 70s, there was a plan to search for thermal spring water in order to further develop tourism in the Bad Radkersburg region. After many weeks of drilling work, a mineral-rich thermal spring was fi nally discovered in January 1978. One of the hottest and most mineral-rich springs in the Thermenland region has been bubbling up from a depth of 2,000 m ever since. The temperature of the spring is 80 °C and the water is then cooled down to a pleasant 34 °C – 36 °C for use in the thermal spa pools at the Parktherme. The surplus heat is used ecologically to transform the heat into energy (geothermal usage). The healthboosting and relaxing effects of the thermal spa water on the musculoskeletal system are particularly evident as you relax in the 36 °C spa pool with its high turnover of fresh thermal spa water (45,000 litres per hour). The magnesium-rich springs are responsible for Bad Radkersburg developing into such a popular health and thermal spa resort.

bad radkersburg thermal spa