• Der Seindl, eine Riede im Weinland Klöch
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Castle Riegersburg – approx. 55 km

Myths, adventures and scary stories galore from a time long past times are unequivocally entwined around this impressive southeast Styrian landmark. In the many centuries of its existence the Riegersburg could never be taken and was quite understandable considered to be the strongest fortress of the West. Nowadays the ascent to the castle is substantially simpler, but always an experience. Kilometre-long military walls with innumerable loopholes line the historical footpath, which winds past eleven bastions and seven raised gates. As an energy saving alternative a modern elevator is available. In the high keep of the fortification three different exhibitions are now permanent residents: “The witch museum”, “Incredible Riegersburg” and “The Riegersburg weapons”. 

Opening hours:

April and October daily 10 – 6 o'clock
May until Septembers daily 9 – 6 o'clock

Ship Yard Mureck – approx. 20 km

In the midst of one the most beautiful Austrian Au landscapes, directly at the border to Slovenia, is the Mureck Ship Mill. Built on the principle of a houseboat, the entire yard and mill technology including the propulsion – wheel and axle, which reminds one inevitably of the paddle of a paddle steamer, are found on a floating platform (Pontoon), for many centuries the large wheels of the ship mill turned due to the inexhaustible strength of the water of the Lower Mur. Based on the original model the mill was re-established in 1997. Tip: The guesthouse Mill Yard directly at the mill.

Opening hours:

From the beginning of March to the beginning of November 10 – 9 o'clock 

Castle Riegersburg
Zotter chocolate

Zotter chocolate – approx. 50 km

Nibble chocolate to your heart’s content! Visit Zotter’s and experience how chocolate goes from fancy to reality. In the edible world of the chocolate experience you can choose between over 365 different variations, and relax in one the most unusual places imaginable . Zotter puts its trust in solutions based on variety, quality, creativity, sustainability, 100% organic ingredients and Fair Trade quality. According to an international chocolate test, Zotter ranks among the best chocolatiers in the world. “The small factory, which was originally temporarily established in my parent’s stable, has grown to become a chocolate competence centre” explained Mr Zotter who is deeply committed to caring about people and their environment. “The chocolates are processed from the bean to the bar; everything is manufactured using organic and fair trade standards”.

In Shanghai a second chocolate world of experience was opened and the chocolates with their “environmental concept” were exported to China, in order to inspire the 23 million inhabitants of this booming metropolis, to go for organic and fair trade chocolates from Austria. Mr Zotter’s daughter Julia leads the edible world of the chocolate experience, which is meanwhile a popular outing destination.

Opening hours:

Mo – Sa 9 – 7 o'clock (May – October 9 – 8 o'clock); closed on Sundays and holidays

Gölles – factory for quality Spirts & Vinegar – approx. 55 km

On the new Experience Tour, widen your knowledge base both informatively and interactively, as all of your senses come in to play, find out more about the emergence of this private company and the processing of fully ripened fruits in to fine vinegar and quality spirits. From July to November the distillery works full out, to process the fully-ripened fruit and so to maintain the highest quality standards.

Firstly they must be washed and segregated, and then they can be mashed and released from their panicles, umbel or stones. In the next step the chopped fruits are taken for fermentation, which takes place in large high-grade steel tanks with a temperature of between 17 – 19 °C. The natural fructose is then converted into alcohol over a period of two weeks. When this process is complete, the mashes in the copper vats are distilled firstly in to raw and afterwards in to high end quality spirits.

Opening hours:

May – Octobers: Mo – Sa, 9 – 6 o'clock
November – April: Mo – Sa, 9 – 5 o'clock, closed Sundays and holidays!

The Spezerei – wine and delectabilities – Bad Radkersburg

Original run as a restaurant, today Sabine Hermann serves a cross section “from the region” – from woolly pig  to fine cheeses. In addition to this a selection of local produced juices or noble drops of Styrian wine round off the meals on offer. And of course if you wish to continue partaking of these delightful products they are on sale for those of you who wish to take them home.

Opening hours:

Monday – Friday 11 – 10 o'clock, Saturday 9 – 12 o'clock

Gölles – factory for quality Spirts & Vinegar