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Wetland Meadows

Murau Habitat

The wetland meadows of the Mura river create a distinct landscape in the Bad Radkersburg region.  It is characterized by a specific biodiversity of plants and animals.

In close proximity to the city you will find a natural wetland with alders, elms and beautiful pastures...

Particularly noteworthy are the snowdrops that cover the wetlands in February and the wild garlic that disperses a garlic aroma throughout the wetlands in May.

The varied interlinking of different biotopes in the most confined space makes it possible to see numerous groups of animals in the Murau region. For this reason, our region serves as an important refuge for endangered species. Birds of all kinds can be found here, such as the kingfisher, black stork and many more.

It is also a sanctuary and resting spot for many migratory birds. One of our most loyal winter guests is the cormorant.

Murauen Bad Radkersburg