• Herrlicher Herst im steirischen Süden
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Autumn vacation in Bad Radkersburg: thermal springs, wine & hiking

With the onset of autumn the Mur and Au landscape are covered by a magnificent kaleidoscope of colours. The vineyards are illuminated by the warm soft rays of the autumn sun, glinting off the fully filled harvest baskets, to be seen in every garden and field. In the Parktherme , thermal springs await you with their unmatched feeling of well-being. Relax and let yourself go as in the Wine Cellar Sauna as they pour the aromatic water with its wafting smell of grapes over the hot sauna stones.

What could make more sense than to journey in to southern Styria and to take advantage of the many long sunny November days with their soft golden light?

Exploring the vineyards by bike

Thanks to Mediterranean climate which lasts until as far in to the year as October, cyclists can enjoy a discovery trip along the many richly varying bicycle routes. Whether as part of one of the popular guided tours or by your self – particularly in Autumn, the enticing trips with their diversified landscapes of pumpkin fields and vineyards appeal to all of those who love to get out and about on just two wheels. The Austrian’s sunniest and most experience-richest bicycle region leads across the border in to Slovenia for those who wish to discover and explore the furthest and most hidden corners of this beautiful route.

Exploring the vineyards by foot

Whoever exchanges his bicycle for walking shoes, can experience one of Bad Radkersburg most exquisite ways of perambulation: the vineyard walk. A folder with detailed maps shows the way to these highly enjoyable wine rich routes: the TAU-route in Tieschen, the Traminer route in Klöch and the Water route with its tributary speckled river landscape in Bad Radkersburg.

Let yourself go and enjoy some of the most distinctive culinary characteristics that the Steiermark has to offer: Along the way Hikers and Ramblers are spoilt for choice. Autumn lures the connoisseur not only with various delightful pumpkin dishes, but also chestnuts and delicious game specialities, are featured on the menu card. Together with Junker wine, from that year’s grape harvest, the typical local Sturm wine, both red and white and the full-bodied red wines which are always a popular favourite of this area, are to be found on the table.